You will need one water flood sensor for each location with a water outlet (bathroom, kitchen, Ice maker, laundry room…). In order to function properly in case of a flood, the Water Flood Sensor’s spacer should touch the floor while the body of the Water Flood Sensor’s body should lean against the wall.

Yes, since the water flood sensor is battery operated, it will fully functioned even in the case of a power failure

Yes, you will get statuses and be able to control your system from the Triple+ App.

After a leak was detected, use a soft dry cloth to clean the probe.

There is no need for tools. To open the battery case, just slide the cover up and unveil the battery case.

You should replace the batteries every 2 years, or when you receive a notification regarding the battery level

Yes, Triple+ devices come with all needed equipment including 2 x AAA batteries.

No, you must install the Flood indoor.

Install one water flood sensor in each location where there is a water outlet (bathroom, kitchen, Ice maker, laundry room…)

The system detects a water leak through the water flood sensor which sets the trigger for the closing of the shutoff unit.

1. You may need to replace the batteries. To check the batteries level, go to your app and check level.
2. The Device may not communicate properly with the HUB. Make sure that there is not a metal cabinet which interfere between the HUB and the device.