Triple+ CLM™ system installed on Madison ave. in NYC

After a class A building experienced a major water leak, causing damages to the offices and the shops located to the ground floor of the building, and with damages counted in millions of dollars, Leonard Powers searched for a solution to avert water leak with a remote operation through a smartphone App or by the care of an independent monitoring station. The best solution was to find a way to control the main water valve remotely in order to shut off the main water pipe in case of a flood.

Par Group in junction with Triple Plus set up the Triple+ CLM™ system composed of a shutoff valve placed on the main water pipe, water flood sensors placed at locations where there is a high risk of floods, and a HUB enabling smooth communication between the devices and the cloud. Upon detection, the Triple+ CLMTM system automatically shuts off the main water supply and send notifications to the Monitoring Station. Currently, the building is equipped with 3 Triple+ CLM™ systems on three floors. One is installed on the base building condenser water pipe, the second Triple+ CLM™ shutoff valve is placed on the domestic water pipe and the last one on the tenant condenser water pipe. In the next few months, Leonard Powers will provide each of the 35 floors, with the installation by Par Group of the Triple+ CLM™ system.

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