Mr. Neal, owner of a summer residence in Netanya, Israel was required by CLAL Insurance his insurance company, to install a system allowing to protect his property from water leaks while the property remains unattended. Mr. Neal was interested in a system he could manage remotely to insure him a total peace of mind.


Mr. Neal came across the Triple+ CLM™ water leak management system composed of an actuator placed on the main water pipe along with water flood detectors placed in strategic places on the property where high risks of leaks may occur. The system’s components communicate with a HUB via the Triple Plus cloud. Mr. Neal shut off his system before leaving the property. While in England, he recieved a notification that one of the sensors detected a leak. He contacted the maintenance of the building who checked on the property and found out that a window was left opened and due to strong winds and heavy rains, the sensor detected water. Mr. Neal was notified of the event – through the Triple+ app installed on his smartphone- although the main water supply was closed off. In this particular case, it is interesting to note that the CLM™ Triple Plus system protected the home not only from damages due to piping but also against the element.

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