1.  After a water flood detection, the main shutoff unit will close automatically, shutting off the main water income and thus, ending the leak.
2.  You will need to contact your plumber to treat the leak.
3.  Before re-opening the water supply through the end-user App (with CLM™ systems only), gently dry the Water Flood Sensor’s probes with a dry cloth.

Yes 2 x AAA batteries are provided with each device. To ensure optimal operation, batteries must be replaced every two years

To open the water flood sensor,  just slide the cover up to unveil the battery case.

You will need one flood sensor for each location with a water outlet (bathroom, kitchen, Ice maker, laundry room…)

Yes since the Triple+ NWL™ system is battery operated, your system will be fully functional even in case of a power outage.

No, the Triple+ NWL™ system isn’t cloud based.

1. You may need to replace the batteries.
2. The device may not communicate properly with the controller: Make sure that there isn’t a metal cabinet interfering between the Controller and the device.

The system detects the water leak through the water flood sensor. When a leak is detected, the water flood sensor sets the trigger for the closing of the shutoff unit.

You will need one water flood sensor  for each location with a water outlet (bathroom, kitchen, Ice maker, laundry room…). In order to function properly in case of a flood, the Water Flood Sensor’s spacer should touch the floor while the body of the  Water Flood Sensor’s body should lean against the wall.

No, the water flood sensor must be installed indoor.

After a leak was detected, use a soft dry cloth to clean the probe.



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