No, the Triple+ NWL™ system is not cloud based.

Yes, the controller will still work in case of a power failure if you use the model with backup batteries.

No,  just connect the power into the outlet.

No, all you need to do is to connect the Controller into the power outlet.

No, the Triple+ NWL™ system is not cloud based but you will be able to control your system through the Triple+ NWL™ Controller

Yes, the Triple+ NWL™ system can be easily integrated into any alarm system:

  1. The Shutoff unit will close when the alarm system is armed. The Shutoff unit will open when the alarm system is unarmed.
  2. The alarm system will show a notification in case of a leak.

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No, there is no need for drilling. The Triple+ NWL™ system is wireless.

No tools are needed to open the batteries cover. Slide down the cover to unveil the battery case.

Batteries of the Controller should be replaced every two years or immediately after a power outage.

If your controller has the option of backup batteries, they will be provided with your device.

For models equipped with backup batteries, 2 X AA batteries are required

No, you must install the Controller indoor.

The best location to place the controller is where you have a signal from the shutoff unit and the detectors. Additionally,  the location must be set up with a power outlet.

If your controller is not responding, check the followings:

1. Make sure the controller is connected to a power outlet.
2. If the controller is connected to power and still does not function, please contact your provider for support.


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