Yes, the Water Flow Sensor is cloud-based.

No, there is no need for an electrician. You just plug the Water Flow Sensor into the Actuator.

Yes, you will get notified as follow:

In the case of an abnormal flow detection, the system will send 3 notifications, one every 3 minutes. The system will not send any Flow notification in the next 24 hours.

  • Low – when the water flow is below 2lpm/0.5gpm per hour.
  • Mid – when the water flow is between 2 liters/0.5 gallons and 25lpm/6.5gpm per hour
  • High – when the water flow is above 25lpm/6.5gpm for 5 minutes.
  • the limits of our Flow detector are between 1lpm/0.25gpm to 60lpm/15.8gpm

You will need one Flow Sensor on each main water income.

Yes, definitely. The unit can be installed indoor or outdoor.

The purpose of the Water Flow Sensor is to measure abnormal water flow. It is recommended to install it with each system.


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