Yes, All CLM products are cloud based

Yes, all CLM products have backup batteries

Yes, you can the status for each CLM device in your application

You not need any tools to open the repeater batteries case, just slid up the repeater and the batteries case will open.

You should replace the batteries in the repeater after power outage, or every 2 years.

Yes, Triple+ products are supplied with all needed equipment

You must install 2 x AAA batteries . Batteries must be replaced every 2 years.

No, you must install the repeater indoor.

You will find the location to install repeater using the application when the RSSI of the device and the repeater are good, also you need to make sure that there is power outlet near the location.

You will need a repeater when there is communication problem between one or more end devices with the Hub

1. You may need to replace the batteries. To check the batteries level, go to your app and check level.
2. The device may not communicate properly with the HUB. Make sure that there isn’t a metal cabinet which may interfere between the HUB and the device.