Increase Profits by Taking
Advantage of Remote
Plumbing Management

Technology at Your Fingertips

As new water leak detection technology is all over the market, the plumbing industry is advancing and so should you. Not just by offering a smart system that alerts to problems, but one that provides leak damage protection 24/7. The Triple+ system lets you achieve this with water leak sensors connected to a cloud-based central monitoring station that automatically shuts off water when a leak is detected.
Take this great opportunity to increase profits and keep control of your most valuable assets your customers. How? Triple+ lets you manage multiple properties at once so you save time and increase your efficiency. When leaks are detected and taken care of before damages and high costs occur, the customer’s trust and loyalty is always guaranteed.


Enabling capability
Palm control

Real-time messaging

hotline, mobile, email

Central Monitoring Software

Management all sites
In one dashboard

Flood Detection

At all risk points
in the property

Cost Effective

Battery operated

Automatic shutoff

Real-time remote


24 month warranty

Site survey

For system
design Detailed

Easy & Quick Installation

Without drilling

The smartest solution in the
world To prevent damage and
waste of water to your customers
System architecture

Click on any icon for information

a drop of thought prevents
a flood of damages