Damage Mitigation
in Office Buildings

Prevent the next potential Disaster

Most of the damage caused by flooding and water loss occurs after hours after business closes. Nobody can discover a loss of water from the water dispenser at night, or perceive the rupture of the pipe; it could cause losses and innumerable damages, and also damages the reputation of the management company causing high losses without necessity .


Enabling capability
Palm control

Real-time messaging

hotline, mobile, email

Central Monitoring Software

Management all sites
In one dashboard

Flood Detection

At all risk points
in the property

Cost Effective

Battery operated Wi-Fi

Automatic shutoff

Real-time remote


24 month warranty

Site survey

For system
design Detailed

Easy & Quick Installation

Without drilling

The smartest solution in the world
To prevent damage and waste of water
in office towers

System architecture

Click on any icon for information
a drop of thought prevents
a flood of damages