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Triple+ CLM™ : The only smart home water leak management system

(available on the market for the use with the Central Monitoring Station)

When you need your assets to be remotely secured, we have the required unique solution.

Triple Plus provides its cloud based Central Monitoring Station for Property Management companies, Alarm Central Monitoring organizations, hotels, assistance living and any other customers with multiple locations.

Key Features

  • Full visibility: View all connected systems at a glance.
  • Easy to use: Most functions can be executed in just one step, offering operators more time for other tasks.
  • Supports unlimited number of systems: Simultaneously displays monitored information from endless number of systems.
  • Preventive action capabilities: Immediate notifications in case of low battery or temperature, offline devices or abnormal water use.
  • Audit trail event handling capabilities: Comprehensive recording of all system status and operator’s activities.
  • Flexible query and reporting tools: Intuitive for event investigations.
  • Complete event history and status reports: All events are logged and recorded.

Designed with You in Mind


Utility Companies


Insurance Companies


Front Desk


Property Management


Professional Installer


Central Alarm Monitoring

Significantly reduce liabilities

Reduce Significantly your liabilities with Triple Plus Central Monitoring Station

The easy-to-use Triple Plus Central Monitoring Station enables you to centrally manage and monitor the health status of your water systems. The Central Monitoring Station streamlines workflow for service providers, while increasing customer’s safety.

Events detected with the Triple+ CLM™ system
Connected device communicates with the Triple+ CLM™ HUB
The Triple+ cloud log sends the data to the CMS
The CMS receives the data and addresses the events