Keep your
garden green
and save water

The Green Smart Solution

The Triple+ CLM™ Irrigation Controller is a revolutionary smart sprinkler and drip
control system for homes and high-rise buildings. This wireless and easy-to-install
device complements the most advanced Triple+ Water Leak Damage Prevention
system. It can toggle your in-ground sprinklers and drip systems from anywhere,
using your phone either automatically or manually.

App Control

Immediate watering in
the palm of your hand

Six irrigation zones

Controls watering for up to
6 zones per controller

Meet Your Garden need

every watering zone schedule
can be set with a different
name, picture, frequency, start
time and watering time

Events Reports

watering events, abnormal water
usage, delayed watering and
freeze warnings are logged

Cloud-based weather

channel connection
to avoid watering during
rainy or windy days

Automatic seasonal

to avoid water wastage
during colder seasons

Intelligent irrigation control
that you can easily handly
from your mobile

System Capacity

There is no sense to water your garden in all seasons with the same intensity. Triple+ CLM™ Irrigation Controller knows this and will let you define your garden’s watering schedule according to the season. All this done with ease from your mobile phone.