Reduce Water Leak
Damage Liabilities Now

Don’t Be At Risk

Plumbing crises involving leaks or floods are a big headache for your residential and commercial clients. Statistics show one in fifty property owners across the US file a water damage claim yearly averaging $10,000. In total, a hefty nine billion dollars is paid out annually by the American Insurance Industry for these claims. This situation is changing rapidly as insurance companies partner with Triple+ leak damage prevention system with its cloud-based central monitoring station. Customers now have full control over their plumbing systems 24/7 and there is an immediate stop to losses.


Enabling capability

Real-time Alerts

To the Central, to the
mobile, to the email

Central Monitoring Station

Management of all sites
In one interface

Flood detection

At all risk points
in the property


Powered by batteries

Autonomous closure

Of main faucet

24 months


Site Survey

For detailed system design

Quick Installation

Without stopping
the activity on the site

The smartest solution
To insurance companies
System Architecture