Your Home Protected
Against Pipe Leaks and
Floods 24/7

Your Home Protected
Against Pipe Leaks and
Floods 24/7

Technology at Your Fingertips

Water damage from leaking pipes or floods is a nightmare for any homeowner. Floors start to buckle, black mold spreads and fixtures are ruined. At worst, a plumbing crisis can strike when you’re away and cause even greater damage. In all instances, costs can skyrocket as renovations and mold remediation take place. But no need to worry– Triple+ has the solution. Triple+ leak prevention system gives you the protection you need and has the extra advantage of a 24/7 cloud-based monitoring service. Wherever you are, a glance at your phone will give you a real-time status update of your plumbing system. Leaks, abnormal water usage, low battery levels and pipe freeze are covered and you can also shut off the water remotely.

Our Ability is Your Advantage

Premiums discounted when Triple+ water leak detection systems installed.
Fast Payback Eliminates high water bills from abnormal water usage.


for instant phone push
notifications to multiple


text backup

Central Monitoring Station

Cloud-based to manage
unlimited number of locations
from a single dashboard

Detects water leaks

in machine rooms, elevator
shafts, basements and
parking areas.

Low cost

Battery operated
and wireless for
installation in minutes

Automatic shutoff

upon water leak detection
in risers, water tanks, toilets,
water heaters, washing
machines, dishwashers and ACS.



Site survey

detailed system

Installation in minutes

No tenants disrupted as cable
trenching unnecessary.

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