Water Leak Damage Prevention
for Elevators

Every day there are large number of water escape cases resulting in water flow towards
the main entrance, the lobby and from there to the elevator pit. As a result, damaging
the elevator, interrupting life activities and costing thousands of dollars to repair.
Once any water has entered the elevator pit, it will usually damage all the floors below, the
elevator car and pool on the pit floor and build up over time.
If water flow to an area that contains essential pieces of electrical items, the situation is
dangerous, to say the least. Even in less serious situations, vital lift parts can corrode.

Protect elevators by connecting to the elevator controller and
automatically sending it to a parking position on the high floor

Detect leak, pipe burst and water flood

Automatic water shutoff

Water leak detection and damage mitigation

Cloud-based smart system and remote management

Wireless system that guarantees rapid installation

Remote and local management over the Cloud


Should be position on the elevator roof and the
elevator pit to detect water in such
sensitive locations.


Water flood detectors should be positioned
in the elevator lobby to detect
water flowing towards the elevator pit.

Triple+ Universal AutoSwitch

Upon leak detection, command will automatically be
sent by the Universal AutoSwitch connected
to the elevator controller. Thereafter, the elevator will
automatically run to an upper parking position
to avoid the water damages.

Triple+ APP and Central Monitoring Station

Upon water flood detection, a PUSH-NOTIFICATION
alert will be sent to the APP followed by text message,
email and a phone message by robocall.
In addition, the Triple+ Central Monitoring Station will
receive an alert by various users (lobby, control room,
remote area/country management).


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