The Triple+  CLM™ V3.0 is a breakthrough in detection and Prevention of Water Leak Damages. It is set to drastically diminish the constant threat of water leak damage faced by all Property Management companies.

Triple+, recognized as a worldwide leader in water leak damage prevention systems, has a mission to provide the most infallible system for companies maintaining multi-unit or commercial properties in multiple locations. The challenge is immense as water leaks occur frequently and the immediate and correct response is critical in order to prevent damages and high restoration costs.

Now, with revolutionary new additions to the Triple+ CLM™ system, property management companies, alarm responders, HVAC and plumbing contractors will all be able to attain utmost efficiency while keeping their costs under control.

The game changer for Triple+ customers
Triple+ provides the only truly remote streamlined service for managing and supporting an unlimited number of water leak damage prevention systems in a multisite complex environment.  The Triple+ CLM™ Central Monitoring Station is unique in that it provides this service through a cloud based dashboard. It works by connecting sensors, shutoff units and multiple supported smart devices to a Hub which then connects to the Triple+ Cloud. All is thereafter managed by a map driven dashboard presenting the systems, their status and reacting to events displayed on the map. On top of this, push notifications and alerts are sent to the users. The system automatically alerts to low battery levels, freezing pipes, a device going offline or if an abnormal amount of water usage is detected. It also enables remote management of all shutoff units.

The latest addition to the service succeeds in making it impossible for anyone responsible for a property to ever miss an alert ever again, whether they are on-site or way across the country.  Notification starts with mobile phone alerts and three additional backup methods to ensure nothing is missed: a text message, an Email and then a call put through every three minutes until a confirmation is received.

 “There is no other alternative in the market that keeps maintenance teams aware of water leak events and allows them to prevent damage before a catastrophe strikes. Triple+ provides a revolutionary approach that de facto is setting the gold standard for water leak damage prevention systems in the future, states Triple+ CEO, Michael Isakov.  

Preventative maintenance for super efficiency
Maintenance teams need to know ahead of time of any issue in their customer’s water leak system to ensure efficient preventive maintenance and reduce unnecessary costs. The Triple+ system ensures this by sending alerts when a system goes offline and communication is stalled or batteries need to be replaced.  A new feature is a map alongside the alert. This pinpoints the exact location of the property and location of the leak to to assure immediate and accurate event handling.

Triple+ takes further steps to protect properties and the planet.
As climate change impacts our natural resources, measuring water consumption levels is vital. Additionally, certain States have implemented water restrictions and fines for exceeding limits. Triple+ succeeds in facilitating exact water usage monitoring that includes immediate detection and alerts of abnormal water usage. It also provides information showing clearly the amount of daily, weekly and monthly water consumption.

Gardens go Green with Triple+
Just launched, the Triple+ CLM™ Irrigation Controller helps control watering and wastage in the garden.  A revolutionary feature is its automatic adjustment of the watering schedule according to the most accurate weather reports. No need to water the lawn when a strong wind is blowing or activate the dripping system once it is raining.

It can also be set according to days of the week and specific times (such as not in the hottest part of the day when water evaporation occurs). An adaptive learning algorithm allows it to program different water consumption for different zones of the garden and automatically alerts when there is abnormal water consumption (from a leak, damaged line or split head).

Sophisticated technology does not mean high prices.
Triple+ maintains its competitive edge with simple installation and maintenance. No need for an electrician or cable trenching as devices are wireless and battery operated. The latest breakthrough now offered to the end user or installer is the option of Hub only installation.

 About Triple+
Triple+ is an innovative and leading manufacturer and marketer of products and services within the IoT (Internet of Things) arena. Triple+ offers ground-breaking solutions for water leak damage prevention. Our goal is to protect the property of our residential, commercial and property management customers, as well as prevent costly water leak damages, increase operational efficiency and improve personal safety.

Triple+ provides end-to-end services through leading wholesalers in Europe, America and Canada.

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