1. After a water flood detection, the main shutoff unit will close automatically, shutting off the main water income and thus, ending the leak.
2. You will need to contact your plumber to treat the leak.
3. Before re-opening the water supply through the end-user App (with CLM™ systems only), gently dry the Water Flood Sensor’s probes with a dry cloth.

Since the Shut Off Unit, the Flood Sensors, and the HUB work- on batteries, it won’t be affected by a power outage.
Make sure that there are back-up batteries in the HUB (normally connected to an AC/DC converter or gets its power from an alarm system).
In case of power outage the system will continue to function, but there will not be any updates to the customer application.

To ensure the best communication between the HUB and the system devices, place the HUB higher than the router and in the most central location in your property.

Replace the backup batteries of the HUB and the Repeater.

Your property is safe even if there is no Internet connection to the HUB as it will still function for 12 hours thanks to the backup batteries. There is no needed to perform any action when the Internet resumes.

Check that the Internet connection to the HUB is active. If the Internet connection is active, disconnect the power from the Triple+ HUB; wait for 10 seconds and reconnect the power to the HUB. Wait for 1 min. and check the App status. If the problem persists, contact yours authorized retailer.

Yes, regardless of the kind of product you have purchased, you can always shut off manually your unit.
If you have installed the Triple+ CLM™/NWL™ Integrated Water Shutoff Unit: Manually rotate the handle clockwise.
If you have installed the Triple+ CLM™Actuator: Press on the multi function button for 5 secs
If you have installed the Triple+ CLM™ system: You can close the valves by sliding the button from “Open” to “Close”
1. Tap on the left menu
2. Tap on “SETTINGS”
3. Tap on “Software Updates”
4. Tap “Update”
1. Tap on the left menu
3. Tap “Wi-Fi Configuration
4. Tap “Refresh Wi-Fi List”
5. Select network (You may be required to enter a password)
6. Tap “Save” and “Accept”
The system comprises wireless battery-operated devices. There is no need for electrical wiring or infrastructural changes. Just connect the Shutoff Unit to the main water supply and synchronize the various elements
Each Triple+ CLM™ HUB can support up to 29 devices.elements
A blinking green LED on top of the HUB indicates proper communication with the Shutoff Unit, the Flood Sensors and from the HUB to the cloud.
Communication statuses can be checked through the Triple+ user App.
Yes, you can perform actions on each device through your mobile App.