Most of us go about our daily tasks with no idea of how much water we use. In certain parts of the world this luxury no longer exists.

On the tip of Africa, the city of Cape Town almost had its taps run dry and residents had to learn to live with an emergency daily ration of 13 gallons per person. That is just enough for a 90-second shower (less than four gallons), a half-gallon (two liters) of drinking water, a sinkful to hand wash dishes, one cooked meal, two hand washes, brushing teeth twice and one toilet flush.


Get ready for change as permanent water restrictions come into force

Although less draconian, residents of California will also face permanent restrictions and heavy fines if they exceed their water limit when new laws come into place in 2022. Californians will have to reduce individual water consumption from 90 gallons a day to 55 gallons and a further reduction in 2030 to 50 gallons. And California may not be the only state heading for permanent water restrictions. According to a 2014 US Government Accountability Report, 40 out of 50 state water managers expect water shortages under average conditions in some portion of their state over the next decade.













The culprits – leaks

We waste water not only when we take long showers or do extra laundry cycles. Trillions of gallons are lost inside our homes when faucets drip, toilets continue to run after being flushed and pipes, water heaters and other appliances leak.

These incidents happen often. A pipe will burst every day in 14,000 homes across the US. The most common main water line is ¾’’ in diameter and when these pipes burst the water will flow 23 gallons per minute. If this amount of water runs for eight hours, your average work day, this results in 11,000 gallons of water lost. A shower that leaks a 1/4 of a gallon per minute wastes more than 15 gallons an hour or over 130,000 gallons per year. A minor water leaks can rack up more than one trillion gallons of water wasted each year, equal to the annual household water use in 11 million homes (EPA).

The grass was never greener

Fact:  the water sprinklers that keep our lawns lush and flowers blooming use up to 265 gallons of water an hour. This amount rivals or exceeds estimates of what an average U.S. household uses every day. Overall, nine billion gallons of water is used daily for residential outdoor water use. When pipes burst or the irrigation system leaks it takes a long time to identify and accordingly water is wasted.

Schools and public institutions under water

Budgets of schools and institutions also suffer from the thousands of dollars added to their monthly water bill from a leak or flood. Just one leaking toilet leads to a daily cost of up to $53, as three to five gallons of water will flow through its open valve per minute. These are dollars that should be spend on education or improvement of infrastructure, not on utility bills.

Brace yourself for the water bill 

Ever thought about the exact costs of those drips? A slow leak from a faucet uses 36 gallons of water per day that costs $0.46. Over a year this adds up to $103.35. A steady drip wastes 180 gallons of water a day, adding $324.99 to your water bill a year. If a faucet is left running it will use up 3,600 gallons a day at a cost of $28.31, but can reach a whopping $10.334 per year.

















Let’s solve the problem

Triple+ leak prevention system stops the guess work with smart sensors programmed to your exact water consumption limit or when a leak is detected. When this limit is reached, an automatic Triple+ shutoff stops water flow and if abnormal water usage is detected, you are alerted immediately.  No surprise water bills at the end of the month!

Security in the palm of your hand

Through the Central Monitoring Station’s cloud-based dashboard you receive real time updates on your phone or computer alerting you to abnormal water usage, pipes freezing up or low battery level. An important feature of the system is the automatic shutoff which automatically activates remotely when a problem is detected. Triple+ keeps plumbing crises and water wastage under control when you are away, ensuring complete protection and peace of mind.

Protection inside AND outside

No more exorbitant water bills from leak irrigation lines and outside sprinklers! Triple+ devices are made of UV supported, solid reinforced plastic which allow them to withstand all weather conditions and be safely submerged in up to 3’’ of water.

Immediate ROI

The Triple+ system pays for itself almost immediately and assures a Return on Investment. No leaks mean lower water bills and as devices are battery operated and wireless there are no extra expenses with hiring electricians or doing time-consuming cable trenching. Installation takes a speedy 40 minutes and the system is service free for 24 months.

Leading insurance companies have partnered with Triple+ to give property owners substantial discount on their policies, assuring even faster ROI.


Choose your Triple+ solution

Triple+ CLM™ water flood sensor

This sensor is positioned in high risk flood locations to protect against water damage from overflowing sinks, toilets, water tanks, washing machines and dishwashers. It is wireless and battery operated.

Triple+ CLM™ water sensing rope

With this sensor you prevent floods in your machine rooms, elevator shafts, fan coils, basements or along water risers. This sensor has the ability to detect conductive liquids anywhere along the length of the rope. It is wireless and battery operated.

Triple+ CLM™ flow sensor

The water flow sensor attaches to the main line (both for the domestic and irrigation) and will detect, notify and automatically shuts off the water to stop the flow in running toilets, washing machines and other areas at high risk for pipe bursts.

Triple+ CLM™ Actuator

This device is installed on the main water line and is able to be fitted with multiple pipe diameters. It is wireless, battery operated and automatically shuts off the water upon leak detection.

Triple+ CLM™ Integrated Shutoff unit

This is a wireless, battery operated ¾’’ integrated shutoff unit installed on the main water pipe.

Triple+ Central Monitoring Station’s cloud-based dashboard

allows subscribers to view all connected systems at once and receive real-time status updates. Notifications include leak alerts, low battery or freezing temperature, devices going offline or abnormal water use.  When needed, action can be taken remotely to manage the water system.



Triple+ was established in 2011 and is an innovative and leading manufacturer and marketer of products and services within the IoT (Internet of Things) arena. The Company offers solutions for averting water wastage, property damage, injury and financial losses due to water leaks in municipal, commercial and domestic properties. Triple+ products are available to wholesalers in North America.



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