Yes you can get notification via email, to activate the service please follow the steps:
Tap on the left menu
Tap “Settings”
Tap on “Notification Settings”
Check the Email Checkbox
verify your email and Tap “Enable”

1) One of the devices is offline : Check the specific device and reset or change the batteries
2) The battery level of one of the devices is low: It is time to replace the batteries
3) The Water Flow Sensor has identified abnormal water flow: Look for the issue and solve the problem
4) One of the devices has identified low temperature (freezing point, high temp): Look for the issue and solve the problem

Tap “Forgot your password” in the end-user App and insert your email address.
A new password will be sent to your email address.

Low Battery notification will be sent to the end-user APP once the device’s battery level goes below 60%.
Open the end-user App and identify which device has the low battery sign:

Each Triple+ CLM™ HUB can support up to 29 devices.

A blinking green LED on top of the HUB indicates proper communication with the Shutoff
Unit, the Flood Sensors and from the HUB to the cloud.
Communication statuses can be checked through the Triple+ user App.

1. Make sure that the water shutoff units are closed. It should be shut off automatically.
2. Identify the water flood sensor that has detected the water leak. This will help give you the location of the leak.
3. Call your plumber to fix the leak.

When your receive an email about system upgrade follow the steps below:
To update your system follow the steps below: On the left menu,
Tap “Settings”
Tap “Software Updates”
Tap “update”

Yes! Your App will work anywhere you are.

Yes, contact your system provider to be assigned a username and a password.

Yes, you can control several systems with your mobile App.

Yes, you will receive the following notifications depending on the issue:
Leak – In the case of a water leak detection
Alert – you will receive this notification in case that CLM Link will received alert indication for
the 3rd party device that he connected with.
Carbon monoxide has been detected! – in case of CO alert
Smoke has been detected! – in case of smoke alert
Flow* – in the case of an abnormal flow detection, the system will send 3 notifications, one
every 3 minutes. The system will not send any Flow notification in the next 24 hours.
Low: When the water flow is between 1 and 4lpm (0.25 to 1gpm) for a duration of 90 minutes.
Mid: When the water flow is between 4lpm (1gpm) and 30lpm (6.6gpm) for a duration of 90 minutes.
High: When the water flow is above 30lpm (6.6gpm) for a duration of 30 minutes.
the limits of our Flow detector are between 1lpm/0.25gpm to 60lpm/15.8gpm
Battery level – The battery level goes below 15%. The batteries should be replaced.
High Temperature – The air temperature around the device goes below 55°C/131°F
Low Temperature – The air temperature around the device goes below 5°C/41°F
System Offline – There is no connection between the HUB and the cloud. In case of a water
leak detection, the Shutoff Unit will still close the main water supply.
New update released – A new software is released.

You can add or remove a device directly from your Triple+ mobile application.
Tap on the left menu
Tap “Settings”
Tap “Add/Remove Device” then tap “configure” on the relevant system
Tap on “Add Device” and scan the device. Repeat the action with each device you wish to add.
To remove unwanted devices, tap on the trash icon next to the device.
Tap “Accept” to continue.
When all the devices and RSSI are green, tap “Accept”.

Yes, you can control each of your devices through the App.

Yes, you can download the tripleplus App for free from Apple Store or Google Play