Water Leak
Damage Prevention
in the palm
of your hand

Smart Control

The Triple+ APP turns your smartphone into an information station about your water system. Our free-of-charge Triple+ APP puts the power of water leak damage prevention and detection in the palm of your hand. It allows you to be everywhere at once, either on-site or from a remote location, while you manage a single-family home or multi-family housing, high rises, or office buildings in multiple locations via your smartphone.

Alerts in real-time about a water leak, burst pipe, freezing temperature, low battery, systems or devices offline, abnormal water flow, smoke or CO detection

Enables you to manage the systems including setting up open/closure of shutoff units, definitions of abnormal flow

Pinpoints location of problem area, ensuring your immediate response

Allows manual, on-demand shutoff of water valves Manages system settings, including your irrigation system

Multiple recipients can receive notifications

Simultaneously displays monitored information from limitless number of systems

Full event history and status reports archived for up to 60 days

Details histograms of temperature and water consumption (daily, weekly, monthly)

Ability to add/remove devices

Ability to add unlimited number of emails and telephone numbers for text and phone call backup alerts

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